More on the Sudan


A list of links compiled by Hillary Rettig of the "Support-Our-Sudanese" organization
The “official” Sudanese Website, in Arabic and English.  May not be best source for objective information.  Many other links, however.
[Francis Deng page]
[Francis Bok]
[washington post article]
ReliefWeb (do country search on Sudan) 
Sudan info
Sudan documents (outdated)   
Dinka/Nuer Peace Conference (Washington Post) 
About the Dinka   
U.S. Government search on “Sudan”.  Lots of documents and information on all kinds of topics.
South Sudan Online.  US Govt. site.  Archival, but great information, and lots of links to relief organizations.  
The Human Price of Oil.  A recent document (5/2001), very well researched, with suggestions for activism and email address for relevant US senators and representatives.

 Last modified November 13, 2001